28 Sep 2016
Published by: Madeleine Morgan
How to Keep Your Customers Buying From You

I’m a great fan of Yeo Valley yoghurt. I’ve bought it for years. It’s a fairly niche product in that it’s organic yoghurt, so not the cheapest yoghurt you can buy. Yet the cost conscious supermarkets, like Tesco, still stock it. There are loads of yoghurt choices in the market.

With the unit on Customer Service and Satisfaction in the Cambition Business Guidance Business Growth Programme coming up in October, it got me thinking recently. What can we learn from Yeo Valley about how to create a loyal fan base and get a product, or service, to go viral? It’s worth thinking about. After all, it costs 6 times as much to find new customers as it does to keep you existing ones.

Here are some great tips you could apply in your business to help you create raving fans:

Their product is consistently excellent
So, I feel confident recommending it to other people and buying it for myself. How consistently good is your product or service?

They make their customers smile
Part of the Yeo Valley website is devoted to terrible cow jokes (yeokes) which people are encouraged to send in and to share on social media – you can see some here. And Yeo Valley is not the only business that has latched onto this. The Inversnecky Cafe, in Aberdeen, has made the national news recently with the terrible puns they publish on their sandwich board. One of my local pubs has jokey salt and pepper pots on the tables. It’s endearing and gives the business character. How could you make your customers smile? They keep giving their customers good reasons to come back to them. Yeo Valley put a code on all their products. When you enter your code on their website you build up points which you can spend on all kinds of products and experiences. Occasionally they run competitions for desirable things like a car. You can also win prizes by playing the fruit machine on their website. Their schemes act like a loyalty card. How could you keep your customers coming back to you?

They engage with their customers, even when they’re not doing business with them
Let your customers know they’re still on your radar and you’re still thinking of them. Yeo Valley send regular emails letting their customers know about new products or events they’re running. If I share one of their ‘yeokes’ on Twitter, they write me a personal message. Customers can be a great source of useful feedback and new product or service ideas. I offer my clients and contacts useful tips each week to show that I’m here to help.

They give a gift their customers can pass on to someone they care about
Yeo Valley give you the opportunity to give your points to charity. An IT support company I know takes homemade cup-cakes to their customers when they meet up for a review. It’s a great to treat to share with the team. Perhaps money-off vouchers for your product or service would appeal to your customers?

So, what do you do to make your customers smile? How do you subtly encourage your customers to tell people about you and share your content with the world? How could you apply these ideas? What other ideas do you have?

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Madeleine Morgan,
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